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Lets say you’re walking along casually shopping in a grocery store and you slip and fall on a slick spot and twist your knee. What should you do to hold the store accountable for the slick spot on the floor and your personal injury? Nick Feizy explains. #FLO #SlipandFall #ComplexCases #hazardouscondition #wetfloor #FeizyLawOffice #GOwiththeFLO


When you propose to do business and invite the public into your premises, you assume extra responsibility for their safety. In theory, you fling open the doors and invite everybody. In this country, you understand that when they walk through the door, you must do your best to keep them safe and sound. But people are unpredictable. #readmore

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While slip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere, they are most likely to occur when maintenance #problems exist or when a building is not designed in a safe and effective way. If you or someone you know has slipped and fell in a hazardous area, call 404-620-4301 right away to discuss your options. We’re available 24/7 via phone, #livechat, online contact form, #text, and #IM. #MillarMixon #SlipAndFall #WeCanHelpYou #LetUsHelpYou

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