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Injured while shopping in #Atlanta? Contact Millar & Mixon, LLC. Insurance companies for the businesses and property owners are not going to willingly write a check. However, we know exactly what it takes to recover the costs of medical expenses, lost wages and other costs for those who have been injured. Call now at 404-620-4301 for a free consultation.


While slip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere, they are most likely to occur when maintenance #problems exist or when a building is not designed in a safe and effective way. If you or someone you know has slipped and fell in a hazardous area, call 404-620-4301 right away to discuss your options. We’re available 24/7 via phone, #livechat, online contact form, #text, and #IM. #MillarMixon #SlipAndFall #WeCanHelpYou #LetUsHelpYou

Need Slip and Fall Legal Advice due to being injured from a fall? Our injury financial compensation lawyers at Millar & Mixon can help! Call 404-620-4301 for more. #MillarMixon #Sipandfall #Advice #Compensation

Trust Fall

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