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In the race to build sophisticated AI deep learning models, Facebook has a secret weapon: Instagram. #readmore


It Could Cost Him $1 Billion… #wow #Readmore #Facebook #WhatsApp

A Post examination found the majority of reviews on some popular products appeared to violate the e-commerce giant’s policies.

Using a tool that Facebook offers its users, our columnist found out more than he wanted to know about the social network, the ad industry and himself. #readmore #NYT #Facebook

Protect your Facebook information from third-part apps in just a few steps. #readmore

U.S. stock futures rise and global stocks extend their rally; Novartis to sell 36.5% stake in joint venture to partner GSK for $13 billion. #readmore

Brian Acton, the co-founder of messaging service WhatsApp, which Facebook owns says #DeleteFacebook… #readmore

Facebook may have broken FTC deal in Cambridge Analytica incident. #readmore

Google is following Facebook’s lead by banning ads for cryptocurrencies and other “speculative financial products” across its advertising platforms effective in June