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If you’ve been injured by a driver who was texting and driving, we may be able to get you a large settlement. Distracted driving accidents happen all the time and if you’re in Dallas, the Feizy Law Office has tried and won many cases involving drivers texting and driving. If you’ve been hurt, call 214-651-8686 for a free consultation and remember, you pay nothing unless we win your case, guaranteed. Call now!


At Millar & Mixon, LLC. we primarily handle cases for the #plaintiff (the party not at-fault) but if you’re at-fault and need immediate help, call us now and we will provide #options that will work best for all parties involved. Read our post “What To Expect After An Accident If You Are The At-Fault Driver” and give us a call at 404-620-4301 if you would like the absolute best options for your case. #MillarMixon #Options #Choices #Facts #AtFault #WeCanHelp #MemorialDay