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Winning Cases Since 2000!

Posted: December 29, 2017 in Uncategorized
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On the final Friday of 2017, we are proud to have so many satisfied clients. We want everyone to get real justice after being injured so if you’ve been injured and need a lawyer with over 17 years of experience winning cases in Texas, call 214-651-8686 and we will help you. Call now!


Injured while shopping in #Atlanta? Contact Millar & Mixon, LLC. Insurance companies for the businesses and property owners are not going to willingly write a check. However, we know exactly what it takes to recover the costs of medical expenses, lost wages and other costs for those who have been injured. Call now at 404-620-4301 for a free consultation.

In our cases, we calculate pain and suffering damages based on a set amount for each day between the time you were injured and the time you reached maximum medical improvement. We ensure you get the most out of your settlement, guaranteed. Call Millar & Mixon, LLC. today at 404-620-4301