Jayken Solutions
Atlanta, GA

Bio: Hi guys! Local Atlanta SEO is all about stellar website content, moderately spreading high quality backlinks on mid to high ranking authority websites within the same niche, and on-page factors aiming for peak user interaction. SEO companies across the board agree with these methods however, Jayken Solutions delivers consistently unlike others in the industry. Content is created daily as opposed to other SEO’s who choose to create content weekly or as lazily as monthly. The best way to reach customers is to provide as much quality content as possible and every single niche has enough opportunity to have exceptional content created frequently that will ultimately make any website an Authority Site. Establishing an Authority Website – A website with an abundance of useful content, products, or services for interested users – is the best way to rank for as many keywords in any niche bar none. We create content, structure each site, and gain favor by creating backlinks that to ensure to convey authority in the market. This tried and true method will draw customers, create trust, extend the brand, and make sales time and time again. There are no shortcuts to quality therefore Jayken Solutions incorporates Search Engine Marketing (pay-per-click, cost-per-mile, cost-per-action, and more), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Direct Mail advertising as supplements to yield virtually immediate results. While many practices in SEO are similar, each business must have a tailored course of action for the best results. We closely monitor growth and analyze data to reduce the probability of missed opportunity, reduce redundancy, and substitute newly outdated practices with modern tactics.

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