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The competition between Alexa and Google Assistant is fierce. How fierce? Cover all of Las Vegas in Google Assistant ads for CES fierce? Put voice assistance in weird things like a light switch or a fridge fierce? Above all, don’t say “okay google” in the Alexa app! #readmore #alexa #google


If you re intimidated by infinite choice, Spotify’s new app will help you stop worrying and start listening.#readmore #spotify #Stations #standalone #app

New messaging service for kids as young as six. Now, a bunch of advocacy groups are urging Mark Zuckerberg to discontinue the app. #readmore #pullapp #forkids #MessengerforKids

Twitter bots are bad enough by themselves, but it’s worse when they’re built using real info — and New York wants to clamp down. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has opened an investigation into Devumi, a company that sold over 3.5 million fake social network followers (primarily on Twitter) to celebrities and politicians.

The government is said to be looking to build a centralized 5G wireless network across the country within three years, according to a sensitive PowerPoint presentation and a memo obtained by Axios. #readmore #Axios #5g #Speed #Nationwide

Reminder ads track which products people have looked at online and then promote them across the web. #readmore #remarketing #retargeting #google #adblock

Clues for the next iPad may be hiding in Apple s latest mobile software. #readmore

When you propose to do business and invite the public into your premises, you assume extra responsibility for their safety. In theory, you fling open the doors and invite everybody. In this country, you understand that when they walk through the door, you must do your best to keep them safe and sound. But people are unpredictable. #readmore

Integral Memory is releasing a microSD card that should mean you ll rarely have to offload photos and videos. #readmore #5TB

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