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Facebook shut down an artificial intelligence engine after developers discovered that the AI had created its own unique language that humans can t understand.


If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in an accident caused by an alcohol- or drug-impaired driver in the state of #Georgia, Millar & Mixon, LLC will help you. Reckless drivers who get behind the wheel after drinking should be held fully accountable for the physical, emotional and financial harm they cause. Call us today at 404-620-4301 for a free case evaluation. #MillarMixon #YourAtlantaAdvocate #DUI #DWI #Attorney #Atlanta #JonesboroGA #WeWillHelpYou

Reliving the experience of a #catastrophic car accident and having intrusive thoughts that cause anxiety can be disruptive to your day-to-day routines including your ability to maintain a regular work schedule. If you need assistence getting back to normal after being struck by another driver, there is help. Call 404-620-4301 for a free consultation. #MillarMixon #YourAtlantaAdvocate #PTSD #AfterAnAccident #WeWillHelpYou

With children returning to school in the coming days, it is important to stay safe on the school bus. Whether your child rides the bus every morning and afternoon or only takes the bus on field trips and special events, it’s important to know about bus safety and what your child can do to reduce the risks of being injured. #ReadMore #MillarMixon #SchoolBusSafety #BacktoSchool #GoingBackToSchool #JonesboroGA #AtlantaGA

In the next few weeks, #Google will launch an update to its #Android Auto service and make the popular #Waze navigation service available directly through a compatible vehicle s infotainment system. If you re one of Waze s many devotees, you re probably …Waze arrives on Android AutoThe VergeWaze on Android Auto: Invaluable feedback and alerts with sub-par maps and routingAndroid Centralall 34 news articles

Q: “Why if my health insurance company is asking questions about my car accident?”
A: “Your health insurance company may be seeking information about your case due to its interest in being reimbursed from a portion of your recovery.
The insurer’s right to be reimbursed will depend on a variety of factors, including whether the plan is controlled by Georgia or federal law and the actual language in your health insurance plan. It may also depend on how a settlement is structured.
It is important to work with an attorney who understands the nuts and bolts of dealing with health insurance liens. At Millar & Mixon, LLC, our goal will be to make sure that your health insurer does not claim more than its fair share of your verdict or settlement and that you are left with the amount you need and deserve to move on in your life.”
Call us today at 404-620-4301 for a free consultation

Initially investors celebrated a robust quarter from #Alphabet Inc., driven by strong sales growth. Then they spotted a red flag: rising costs that could crimp margins going forward. The Google division generated most of the quarter s revenue but paid …Google s $2.7 #billion EU fine may be just the start.

At the law offices of Millar & Mixon, LLC, we have years of experience handling serious car accident cases. We know how important it is to prove that the other driver was at fault and how to recover the damages and medical expenses you deserve. We hold insurance companies accountable and recover large settlements for our valued clients. If you’ve been in an accident and are being overwhelmed by physical pain, medical bills, and lost wages, call 404-620-4301 and we will help you. #MillarMixon #YourAtlantaAdvocate #overwhelmed #pain #LetUsHelpYou #WeValueYou

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#Verizon has touted its new unlimited data program for its mobile customers, but the carrier was reportedly putting limits on other service areas. Earlier this week, #Netflix users on Verizon found that the video service was having its streaming …Verizon slowed down YouTube, Netflix, and other video streaming services as part of a “test”Digital TrendsSome Verizon customers say they re not getting the speeds they re paying forBusiness InsiderVerizon admits to throttling video in apparent violation of net neutralityThe VergeArs Technica