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“My name is Bruce Millar and I am one of the owner’s of the law firm of Millar & Mixon, LLC. We are happy to talk with you if you have questions about your legal rights. You may reach our firm at 404-620-4301 anytime, 24/7.” ~Bruce R. Millar, Founder #MillarMixon #10Reasons #CallNow #LetUsHelpYou


At Area 120, Google’s internal workshop for experimental ideas, we’re working on early-stage projects and quickly iterate to test concepts. We heard from developers that they’re looking at how to make money to fund their VR applications, so we started experimenting with what a native, mobile VR ad format might look like.

Developers and users have told us they want to avoid disruptive, hard-to-implement ad experiences in VR. So our first idea for a potential format presents a cube to users, with the option to engage with it and then see a video ad. By tapping on the cube or gazing at it for a few seconds, the cube opens a video player where the user can watch, and then easily close, the video. Here’s how it works:

When someone else’s #carelessness or #recklessness was to blame for the crash, they should be held responsible for the #injuries and #losses they have caused. The Atlanta car accident lawyers at Millar & Mixon, LLC stand up for people injured in Georgia traffic accidents to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been injured by a careless driver and don’t know where to turn, call 404-620-4301 and we will explain your rights, provide resources, and win the compensation which will cover all of the expenses from the accident. Call now. #MillarMixon #CarAccident #Lawyers #Attorneys #AtlantaGA

A dog attack can leave physical and emotional scars with over 20% of dog bite victims requiring medical attention. If you’ve been attacked by a dog, call 404-620-4301 for a free consultation. #MillarMixon #DogAttack #Help #WeWillHelpYou

While slip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere, they are most likely to occur when maintenance #problems exist or when a building is not designed in a safe and effective way. If you or someone you know has slipped and fell in a hazardous area, call 404-620-4301 right away to discuss your options. We’re available 24/7 via phone, #livechat, online contact form, #text, and #IM. #MillarMixon #SlipAndFall #WeCanHelpYou #LetUsHelpYou

After a motor vehicle accident, you will likely need to deal with an insurance company in order to pursue the #compensation you need to recover from your injuries.Two of the biggest mistakes that car accident victims make after a crash are #admitting fault and agreeing to give a #recorded #statement. The best thing to do before speaking with your insurance company is to call 404-620-4301 so we can help you understand your rights, provide options, and get you a substantial settlement that will cover your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and more. Call Millar & Mixon, LLC. @404-620-4301 for a free consultation. #MillarMixon #Insurance #DontAnswer #NoStatement #CallUs #First #WeWillHelpYou

The amount of time it takes to get compensated after an #accident can vary greatly. At Millar & Mixon, LLC., we ensure that each #moment is spent perfecting your case so you can get the most from your settlement when the time comes. Read our post for more!

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, slip & fall, or injured on the job, call 404-620-4301 for a free consultation. #MillarMixon #ReadMore #Time #Settlement

There are an estimated 2.5 #million rear-end collisions each year. In a typical rear-end crash, the driver who hits the vehicle in front is usually assigned fault and liability. Find out how our #attorneys can help you. Call Millar & Mixon, LLC today at 404-620-4301, chat with us online at, or message us here for a free consultation. #MillarMixon #Direct #RearEnd #Collision #WeCanHelpYou

Seeking to get Construction Injury Compensation for the accident you were in? Our law firm specializes in these cases and we know we can help. Call 404-620-4301 now.


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Q: “What happens if I missed some doctor or therapy visits? Will I lose?”

A: “We recommend that all of our clients follow their Doctor’s advice. Unfortunately, some do not. People miss their doctor’s visits for a variety of reasons such as inability to afford medical care, taking care of children, fear of losing a job, lack of transportation because a car was damaged in the accident, and for many other reasons. The Insurance defense lawyer may try to point out missed medical visits. But, a few missed visits does not prove you were not injured any more than delaying a trip to the mechanic means your car is not broken.” ~Attorney Bruce R. Millar #MillarMixon