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#Chromebooks are a unique class of #mobile #computing devices, designed specifically for Web-based tasks. They differ from traditional laptops in a few important ways…


The New, #FlashForge Creator Pro replaces the popular Creator X in the #FlashForge lineup of dual extruders #3D printers. It boasts the same proven design, sturdy metal frame, optimized build platform, full manufacturer’s warranty fulfilled by Flashforge #Amazon, and #lifetime support provided by expert FlashForge Amazon technicians.

More #reliable: More than one #hundred hours for #printing at one time and print it stably and well. General printing success rate are no less than 95%. It really increases printing efficiency of users.

Precision engineering meets thoughtful design in the new #Chromebook Pixel. Chromebooks are easy to use, with an #outstanding battery life. Your #photos, #music, and #documents are stored safely in the cloud, and updates are automatic, for a computer that starts up fast and stays fast.

The Cube 3D printer brings your creative projects to life, building dual-color objects on a print platform that stays cool throughout the process. Wireless connectivity and a color touch-screen let you transfer a project from your computer or smartphone to your printer with ease.

#primeday is almost here! Buy a product that will give you the power to create your artistic vision. Rostock Mini is a delta #3D #Printer originally designed by Bwevans, with smaller build volume compared to a Rostock or Kossel, but much more compact, portable, and desktop friendly. This is a complete kit that contains everything (including tools) to build a Rosotck Mini Pro. The mechanical part can be finished between 3-6 hours depending on your experience with RepRap machines.

Google has shed some light on why Gmail users should hardly ever see spam in their inbox, and almost never see wanted email in the spam folder.