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#Steve #Jobs said in 1997. We are going to take the advice of the late Mr. Jobs for this article, and before we talk about the groundbreaking micro-location technology called beacons, let’s focus on something far more important — the customer. …



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We closely #monitor growth and #analyze data to reduce the probability of missed #opportunity, reduce redundancy, and substitute newly outdated practices with #modern tactics.

Warner Bros. just released the second trailer for its upcoming movie Entourage and it is jam packed full of Hollywood celebrity appearances

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But $840 Per Year is Pushing it Modern ReadersCord-cutters seem to be well and truly taking over the country right now – a phenomenon that certainly hasn t escaped the eye of the country s leading tech firms and cable TV providers. There are new streaming services popping up all the time to capitalize on

#Nintendo #gaming tie-up with mobile company DeNA will see the firm s beloved characters coming to smart #gadgets. by Luke Westaway

TheBlaze.comCan t Remember Your Online Passwords? Yahoo Just Took the First Step to …TheBlaze.comIf you re one of those people who s constantly resetting online passwords because you can t remember what they are, you can thank Yahoo for having just taken the “first step” to getting rid of them. The Yahoo logo is displayed in front of the Yahoo headqarters

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New #community standards ban expressions of #support for groups like #ISIS, outline what types of nudity are ok

What does “Community’s” move from NBC to Yahoo mean? The show’s creator says it means the show can be even wackier than it used to be.