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#valuable #advice Take a break from content writing and finish a few more of your profiles.


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#clientlove #spotlight #seo #webdesign #followback This group is for YOUR clients! Have an event, happening, or news you’d like to highlight? List their links and info here! Join today Client Spotlight Worldwide!


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#webdesign #self #followback Do you want to build your own website but don’t know where to start?
Have you been put off by all the jargon and gobbledygook of other Internet guides? If so then this plain, easy WordPress tutorial is the ideal place to start.

Now a #1 Amazon Best Seller on Kindle Books, this popular, up-to-date, step-by-step guide by expert Sarah McHarry will walk you through the essential first steps to building your own website or blog using WordPress.

#penguin #seo #read #2014 EO 2014: Includes How to Recover From Penguin, Panda or Manual Penalties (EZ Website Promotion Series) In the first section of this SEO book, healthy and effective Search Engine Optimization practices are discussed to help your website rank higher, and secure a steady stream of FREE Traffic, while avoiding potential penalties that could be placed on your site for a breach of the search engine rules and guidelines.

#realestate #win #compete #dream There are no shortcuts to quality therefore Jayken Solutions incorporates Search Engine Marketing (pay-per-click, cost-per-mile, cost-per-action, and more), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Direct Mail advertising as supplements to yield virtually immediate results. While many practices in SEO are similar, each business must have a tailored course of action for the best results. We closely monitor growth and analyze data to reduce the probability of missed opportunity, reduce redundancy, and substitute newly outdated practices with modern tactics.

#pengin #panda #automaticpenalty Our development strategy is propelled by the understanding there are no limits to the imagination but merely hurdles executing the idea with the tools available. At Jayken Solutions, our constant research on the latest products, tools, programming languages, and new marketing developments enables us to create using the fabric of the future. While the winds of change blow many out of contention to grow, we master the tools to make the future happen for you.

#exposure #broadcasting #partnership A partnership with Jayken Solutions will drive your SEO to the max. As our valued partner, you are authorized to sell our premium SEO services on a white label basis, branding the service in your company name. The benefit of our partnership program is that you can incorporate the most cutting edge SEO services in your current business model. Jayken Solutions provides everything your business will need: the tools, the login details, analytics, and reports. Our privacy will ensure that your current clients are not aware that Jayken Solutions is providing SEO outside of the incomparable results. Our wide list of SEO resellers, from other SEO firms and agencies to website designers and traditional marketing companies, deliver outstanding results day in and day out. Jayken Solutions has an impeccable reputation – our resellers and clients are profiting like never before! Join us and experience heights few reach.

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The most powerful method of branding or re-branding any business is by harnessing the power of video and broadcasting the recording for the world to see. Jayken Solutions provides production from the finest producer nationwide. Our audio services range from cd recording and mastering, mixing, and format conversions. The cornerstone of quality video and audio lies in perfect editing. Ours post production is incomparable and our impressive editing suite is used with a mastery exclusive to Jayken Solutions. Jayken Solutions always create the highest resolution, full color, and digital photographic prints in any supported video and film formats.